RailExpo Exhibition


The 6th International Exhibition of Rail Transportation and Related Industries & Equipment


The biggest International Exhibition of Rail Transportation and the Related Industry will be organized by the support of Ministry of Roads & Urban Development, Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade, and participation of Iran Railways, Tehran and Metropolitan Subways, Iran Rail Industry Association, RTC Guild, the School of Railway Engineering (SRE), Producers and Artisans, Related Services Companies and any other related activists and experts in rail industry and taken place in the space of over 20000 square meters at Tehran International Permanent Fairground from 19 to 22 June 2018.

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List of some Exhibitors at Previous RailExpo:

  • Islamic Republic of Iran Railways
  • Subway of Tehran and Metropolitans
  • Mapna Group
  • Esfahan Steel Co., Arak Steel Co., Iran Alloy Steel Co., and etc.
  • Siemens
  • Kazakhstan Railways
  • Mafex Spanish Railway Association
  • Raja Rail Transportation Co.
  • Alstom
  • Stadler
  • Pars Wagon Co.
  • Tehran Wagon Co.
  • Bombardier
  • Faraz Tima Rail Group
  • Taam Locomotive Arya
  • Green Plour Industrial Group (GPIG)
  • Rail Transportation
  • Alborz Niroo, Rahvar Niroo and Alvand Niroo
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Some Companies from Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, China Republic, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, India, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, United Kingdom, South Africa, Slovakia and etc.

It is worth mentioning that Germany, Italy, Spain, Russian Federation, China and Turkey are having pavilions in Iran RailExpo 2017 and other countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France shown their interest in participating by sending the application form.

Rail Transportation Development

Country’s Development along with Economic Prosperity

Transportation as one of the infrastructure components plays a crucial role in Sustainable Development as well as achieving the goals of Economic, Social and Cultural Development.

The immensity of Iran, the access to the international waters, and being located on the path of international North-South and East-west Corridor, has increasingly illuminated Iran’s premium position in international relations and trades.

Undoubtedly, any means of transportation such as rail, road, sea and air transport has its own particularities and advantages. Railway transportation, however, has privileged a premium position among them by enjoying the particularities such as security, cheapness, low energy consumption and environmental protection. The salient and conspicuous privileges of Railway Industry along with its glorious effectiveness on the development of national and regional economy, has given the development, enrichment and fortification of railway transportation infrastructures as one of the strategic plans a top priority in the country’s strategic plans a top priority in the country’s improvement planning.

Important events such as operating the East Rail Corridor Caspian Sea, beginning of the construction of double track railway lines on high traffic routes, improvement of suburban trains, operating the automatic train operation control system in Tehran-Mashhad route, increasing the Rail Wagon Fleet (locomotive, freight wagon, and trains), and beginning of Tehran-Isfahan high-speed rail contract was implemented last year by the grace of God and using the capabilities and ambitions of Iranian devoted experts and engineers, and it goes without saying that the long-term objectives will not be accomplished without the participation of private sectors and high-powered industries.

Other countries are welcome

The technology-owner’s countries are warmly welcome to participate and invest on Railway Projects and High-speed Trains.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI) is one of the most prominent transit route of the region. The connection of Iran railway to the CIS countries and consequently the connection of Iran railways to Russia and China, and also to the railways of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey along with their relations with the Persian Gulf Countries in order to enhance and develop the transit and also electrifying the railways are the main priorities of IRI.

Iran’s Railway Today

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI) currently has 13000 km standard rail network and 9500 km is also under construction. In this respect, the construction of some lines are being started and needs to be participated and invested by the national and international individual sectors. By taking the Iran’s Vision Policy of 2025 into consideration, there are plans to stretch out the nationwide railroad line to 25,000 kilometers. One of the short-term plans of transportation development is to enhance and promote the current transportation of 28 million passengers to 45 million passengers. To do so, we need to add 18% passenger trains to the Rail Wagon Fleet by March 2018.

With regard to the short-term plan, the amount of freight transportation will also need to be promoted from the current state of 34 million ton to 92 million ton. RAI will also need to add 11000 freight wagons to the Rail Wagon Fleet to achieve this goal so that the market share of Railway Transportation will be 30% of freight transport and 18% of passenger transport by 2025.

Milad E Noor Exhibition and Trade Fair Organizer Co.,

The exclusive organizer of Rail Exhibition in Iran and the member of IEOA, has started its activities since 2003 aiming to innovate and promote the export of the non-oil products and has acted on holding internal and international specialized exhibitions, festivals and seminars. Milad E Noor could obviate the necessities of the economic activists and industrialists through holding more than 150 national wide exhibitions and festivals in various topics.